Own or Be Owned - The Values Will Go Up With Or Without You! 

We are bringing you a documentary series geared towards making us as Black people in America to become more PROActive, then REActive; especially in terms of owning Real Estate!

We have let vacant lots, brownstones, multifamily homes and more slip right from under us for YEARS. We have lived in and around the homes, but have not OWNED enough of them! Then some hold rallies once other races have bought these assets. This must end! Please assist us in bringing Own or Be Owned into every Black willing household in America by ordering your copy today!  


Jay Morrsion 

The King Andre Hatchett's concept of "Own Or Be Owned" is quite simple but brilliantly provocative. Throughout history owners of land and business have always had the majority of power and control. If we want to break or shift the existing power structure here in America it can only be done through the intentional ownership by everyday people of systems, patents, businesses, land and the resources provided by the land. You either own these things or become powerless subordinates, subjects and customers to those who do.

Andre C. Hatchett 

is a nationally acclaimed entrepreneur and philanthropist. Andre is the owner of The Black Real Estate School, Andres Notary School, The Notary Business School and co-founder of Buy Black NYC.

Dr. Boyce Watkins 

Andre C. Hatchett is one of the most energized intelligent and promising young black entrepreneurs in America if every black man in America was like Andre we could conquer the world.